Created by two female artists from different cultural backgrounds, Chinese and American, Eirene Duo is a piano ensemble that works to blend their musical interpretations, while preserving their individual styles. Despite the difficulties in synchronizing similar timbres, they have taken on the challenge of performing as a piano duo in order to ignite a dialogue with the community and support the legacy of women within the artistic world.


The duo also aims to explore and promote great works by lesser known composers, especially female artists. Ranging from classical music to contemporary music, the duo’s repertoire is inspired by diverse world cultures, including folk tunes, concrete music, and world music.

As devoted performers, teachers, and chamber musicians, both members dedicate themselves to increasing accessibility of musical works. Through master classes, lectures, and concerts, they work to engage with diverse communities at the local and international level. They continually support the writing of living composers and have most recently commissioned a work Lavelatla by Ian Guthrie.

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